About us

replica watches Founded in 1990, when following the historical events the proper legislative frame was established, S.C FEROCHIM Ltd. is an independent private firm, producer of a large variety of metallic accessories for furniture.

The youth of the company, understood as the number of years since it started functioning is apparent, as the members of our team are craftsmen, specialists with a vast experience in the field. They continue the inherited handiwork tradition specific to the Tg Mures area.

The company goes back to 1970, when it started as artisan workshops, S.C FEROCHIM Ltd. has now become one of the leaders amongst the producers of metallic accessories for furniture.  

The company has reached this status thanks to a well-planned strategy, based upon:

- Great variety of products 
- The ability to supply for the customers needs through seriosity, flexibility, promptness
- High exigency standards in monitoring quality
- Competitive prices

The fittings we produce include a wide range of materials, models and finishing, offering solutions for furniture of different styles and epochs.

The unpredictable complexity of living conditions and the growing degree of uncertainty of the medium we live in have caused the established patterns to be left behind; individuals have learnt to define themselves, they dont belong to groups or trends anymore. This has an incredible effect on the standards imposed on consumer goods, consequently upon furniture.

We are witnessing the reduction of the number of sets in of a certain type of furniture but at the same time to an explosion of set models, each of them requiring new fernery models. We can Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos meet this dynamic due to our high capacity to adapt to small series of products, by eliminating all inefficient links and shortening the road from conception to production.

Our products, used by most of the internal furniture producers are starting to become popular with external customers as well through direct support, and especially by furniture export.