Specializedfor a long time (1990), especially in manufacturing of metal accessories for massivewood furniture ( ), ourcompany performs in the following areas:

- foundry zincalloys (zamack). We have die casting machines for alloys (zamack) with capacity of up to 1200 grams zamack /stroke piston. The machines are the latest German manufacturing: FRECH  DAW  50F. Necessary die molds we can perform by ourself on CNC vertical centerprocessing machines ;

- processingby cold plastic deformation (punching / stamping) sheet. We have mechanicalpresses with eccentric 6, 16, 20, 25, 30 tof of  Italian origin (SAN GIACOMO) with which it canbe processed (punched and stamped) steel plates up to 3 mm thick. The necessarystamping tools  are made by ourself ;

- turningworks on CNC lathes, swisse type, steel bars, the maximum diameter of 20 mm;

- locksmithworks: drilling,  polishing,  grinding,  assembly etc ;

- small capacityelectrostatic painting,  in any RAL coloror other agreed standards ;

- galvanizingoperations, zinc, brass, copper , nickel plating, followed by colored passivationto show antique/patina of the time.

We perform anytype of die/stamping mold for new models of hardware, provided that thesubsequent orders of this product can allow recovery of costs incurred byamortization.